Our "Punisher" muzzle brake / flash hider has 3 chambers which are arranged in 90 degrees.
This enables precision shooting without a spotter, neighboring shooters or hunting companion, the shot to "sandblasting", as it may occur to the rear angled muzzle brakes at 45 degrees.
Furthermore, the first chambers are opened to the top and suppress the vertical kick efficiently.

It consists of high quality stainless steel from and
is available in two color variations.

- Silver (stainless steel, glass bead blasted)
- Black (stainless steel, SHC-coated)


SHC is "SuperHarterKohlenstoff" (translatet:) "Super Hard Carbon". It is a special coating with which is typically used for high performance milling cutters in the industry. It has sliding properties for the gunsmoke and strengthens the material, it still offers resistance to corrosion and protects against scratches.

Our logo and the name are lasered on the "Punisher" – muzzle break with a special laser engraving process in the highly tempered steel. The font cannot rub or dissolve, as a printed, because font and logo are from the converted stainless steel.


 Punisher MuzzleBreakPunisher MuzzleBreak
Advantages with "Punisher":
  • The recoil is attenuated efficiently what the shooters load reduces and helps to maintain the concentration of the shooter permanently
  • The impact of the bullet can be observed by the shooters themselves to make necessary corrections when shooting long ranges or perceive the results shooting wild animals while hunting
  • Increase of the precision by the clean separation of the gases at the outlet
  • In hunting situations, we have repeatedly found out that the shot bang was already at 150 m below the supersonic of the projectile. For example, after a shot on a free field on a wild boar: The rotting fled in star-shaped from the hog taken away and remained about 50 m standing and confused. Sometimes they went in the direction of the shooter. This gave us a high chance of hitting a second piece.
  • Of course, there is an increase in the shot noise in closed or semi-closed ranges, especially next to walls.

Even our professional shooters do not believe in macho slogans as "muzzle brake at a .308? You should to have stamina."
The so-called "flinching" before "kicking" of the rifle is one of the most common reasons for missed shots on Wild.
Even for sporting target shooters the load should be reduced as much as possible to keep the concentration as high as possible.

This can be effectively implemented with the Punisher muzzle brake.


Imposing a real damping rate as "absorbing 50% recoil" is generally unrealistic.

First, felt recoil and measured values to recoil have nothing to do with each other,
There are variables like "kicking or pushing" happen during recoil.

Secondly, this course also depends on the weapon itself, as the caliber of the weapon, stocks, etc.

What we can give as imaginable comparison realistic is, that a shooter had a clean watch with a highly charged .300WinMag on its results when shooting and remained with the eye in the target, while the neighboring shooters with the same weapon in "only" .308Win had to catch high kick of the weapon first before aiming again on the target. So for the neighbor the observation of the hit was impossible.


Our "Punisher" – muzzle break comes in a wooden box,
incl. matching tool by Würth, locking screw and
a screw for the anti-mirage-strap installation.
Currently, only .30 caliber! (i.e. for .308Win, .300WinMag, .300WSM, 30-06Spr etc.)
thread types: M14x1, M15x1, M18x1 and 5/8x24!
170,- Euro including 19% VAT. (Inside of EU)
143,- Euro excluding 19% VAT. (Outside of EU)
We ship Worldwide!
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