Tikka T3/T3x "Tacticool" Bolt Handle


German Gun Stock Bolt Handle Three

Our new "Tacticool" Bolt Handle consists of two Parts.
The Attachement-Part is made from high grade Stainless Steel and comes in the Color
- "Silver/Black" (stainless steel, glass bead blasted)
- "Black" (stainless steel, SHC-coated)
- "Silver/Silver" (stainless steel, glass bead blasted, with Nature Elox)
The "Knob" is made from high grade 7075 Aluminium wich is Black or Silver Hard Anodized and lasered with our Brand.

For Right- and Lefthanded Actions!

Weight (both): 58g / 0.127lbs

89,- Euro including 19% VAT. (Inside of EU)
74,79 Euro excluding 19% VAT. (Outside of EU)
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Tikka T3/T3x Picatinny "Prime" Rail

German Gun Stock Rail CPF 1German Gun Stock Rail CPF 2

German Gun Stock Rail InstallOur new Pica-Rail for Tikka T3/T3x is made from high grade 7075 Aluminium 
and Black Hard Anodized and lasered with our Brand.
The Special Feature is, that it has a Recoil lug in the System. The recoil lug take away the shearing forces on the screws, with the Hole of the Tikka Action and the Recoil Lug of the Rail.
Now also as "Prime Extended" Rail!
The "Prime Extended" Rail is with an length of 205mm, 40mm longer than the Standart- "Prime" Rail (165mm)
Rails Unterschied2s
RailsO Unterschied s
Fit for all T3/T3x Tikkas.
Available as
- "0 MOA" and
- "20 MOA" Version
The Tikka T3/T3x Picatinny "Prime" and "Prime Extended" Rail comes incl 4 Action-Screws and a Stainless Steel "Anti-mirage-strap"-Screw !
Weight: 43,5g / 0,095lbs (Prime) and 71g (Prime Extended)
Price "Prime":
89,- Euro including 19% VAT. (Inside of EU)
74,79 Euro excluding 19% VAT. (Outside of EU)*
Price "Prime Extended":
99,- Euro including 19% VAT. (Inside of EU)
83,19 Euro excluding 19% VAT. (Outside of EU)*
* The Picatinny Rail can not be sold in the US!
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Tikka T3/T3x Stainless Steel Recoil Lug
For replacement the original softer Aluminium Recoil Lug.
Improves grip of the system during recoil and thus precision.
With "GGS" engraving.
German Gun Stock Recoil Lug
Weight: 21g / 0,046lbs
 25,- Euro including 19% VAT. (Inside of EU)
21,- Euro excluding 19% VAT. (Outside of EU)
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Rifle Bag "German Gun Bag"

Our "German Gun Bag" is a Rifle Backpack, which is also folded as a normal hunting Backpack or even as a pure Rifle bag (without backpack strap). Ideal for hunters, sports- and long-range shooters.

- For Rifles up to 115cm / 45inches long with closed Top Bag (Typical 24inch Barrel-Rifles)
Longer Rifles can be transportet with open Bag.
- Weight: 2kg / 4.4lbs
- Material: 600D Polyester
- Different Small Pockets, Holder and Bottle-Pocket
- Rifle Stretch-Lock
- Easy Conversion from Backpack to Rifle-Bag
- Chest and Hip-Belt
- Molle-Style Attachment
- Available Colors: Coyote & Grey/Olive




149,- Euro including 19% VAT. (Inside of EU)

125,21 Euro excluding 19% VAT. (Outside of EU)

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